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Life between Screens

A life between screens
Is not as fun as it seems.

Everyone is jumping
From monitor to monitor
And compulsively sharing
Their thoughts and activities,

To attract the digital spectators
Who are watching from afar
Our emotionally expensive efforts
To bring their focus to us…


So that our insatiable lust for approval
Could someday be fully satisfied,
So that we become the kings
Of our own little worlds

By releasing our most private information
Onto social media via phones and computers,
For the attention of anonymous strangers and suitors
Who signal us with emotionless text.

Is it right that we settle for this much less?
Who talks face-to-face anymore?
Do we as a culture seriously believe that it is okay
To give ourselves away…

For free?

This is the 21st Century,
The Age of You and Me, Me, Me,
An era when people are killed by selfies
And human life is lived histrionically.

It is 2018.
You know what I mean.
We no longer live our own lives for ourselves,
But rather as fishbowl exhibitions.

This is the end of communication
As we know it from tradition.

Life is not as fun as it seems
Because all of us live between screens.

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