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Weird is a wild word that jeers,
Awkwardly stinging the ears,
Also hurtful when spoken by young minds
To bring to the surface
The unacceptable,
What is lacking in normality,
The pack mentality’s morality.

When differences are pointed out,
Explanations for them
Invite the curious,
Rejecting often the
Distinctions that deserve our highest
Esteem and praise, even the
Society-builders of history
That established the pillars of the modern world.

They and their legacies
Are all the proof that we need
To wake up
From the sickness
That saps us dry,
“The Normality Morality”.

Let us encourage the extraordinary instead,
And admire the amazing people,
Who forge frontiers from ideas,
Crossing continents of inspiration
And oceans of perspiration to do so,
Yielding from their differences and their suffering,
Ceaseless persecution and repeated failures,
Everything that is coveted and iconic
In the totality of our collective existence.

The concept of normality can never be reality
Because it is impossible for two individuals
To live out identical lives.
“Weird” is, was, and will always be the true “Normal”
Because all of us are crazy on the inside.

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