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My name is Andrew. I grew up in Cooper City, Florida, and blogged on WordPress. In 2011, my blog posts were compiled into a book, which later led to the creation of more books on Amazon. You can purchase my paintings at FineArtAmerica.com. You can listen to my spoken word poems on SoundCloud, too. You can also read more of my written works here or on AllPoetry for free.

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Read My Books

Wild Writers: The Animal World’s Greatest Poetsby Andrew Blitman (2017)

This page connects you to the books I wrote and published over the past decade, and to my Amazon Author Page.

View My Artwork

“Painted Petrels” by Andrew Blitman (2020)

Visit a large digital collection of my paintings, photographs, and other artwork, made available on this site for your viewing pleasure.

The Science Corner

“Makaira” by Andrew Blitman (2013)

A collection of articles and essays about science and mostly biology topics.

The Poetry Corner

A collection of original poems written over the past 10 years, available for your reading pleasure.

You can also visit my AllPoetry.com page

Fine Art America

Visit Fine Art America to view and purchase my paintings!


Stream and listen to recordings of Andrew Blitman’s original poems, read aloud by the author himself.
Amazon Author Page
View and purchase Andrew Blitman’s books on Amazon.

About Andrew Blitman

I am an artist and the published author of 13 books, who grew up in Cooper City, Florida, and received a Masters in Marine Conservation Science & Policy from the University of Miami in May 2014. There, I blogged on WordPress. The blog posts evolved into multiple books, including a memoir of my experiences on a 2012 Birthright trip to Israel: “Birthright 2012: A Voyage into the Heart and Soul of Israel”. I am also the author and illustrator of the “Wild Writers” series: Three books of poems written from the perspective of animals and plants; as well as the author of a book of original jokes: “The Big Book of Pun-ishment” (2018); the author of five original poetry anthologies; and the author of a new portfolio book that documents more than 300 original paintings for your viewing pleasure: “The Painting Portfolio: A Comprehensive and Current Collection of Visual Art”. You can find and buy all of my books through Amazon.com.

Feel free to reach me through this site’s “Contact Me” page if you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, comments, or other feedback. Thank you for visiting!