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Month: February 2018

“The War Mentality”

The Combatants Enter   The heart of a warrior Is shaped by experience; Faith in hard times The product of repetition. The laws of combat Bow to the lowest common […]

Stormy Tuesday, Mirthful Wine

On a stormy Tuesday When anything seems possible, Hold on to that optimism Which allows new opportunities to grow.   Today is beautiful and wondrous, For everything we want is […]


Life is good; Life goes as it should. We live in the best possible world That possibly could.   We are not in control; Somebody Else is. Who are we […]

Echo Chambers

Opinions are wanted. Opinions are good. This is the case if we’re inside Echo chambers, Where only my perspective is multiplied.   You’re wrong! You’re right! Our friendship is over […]


Today I pray for you and for those that require it. Let it be known that each day is a gift; Please exalt it.   The days of our lives […]

The Chain That Binds Us

What is the chain That binds us together, The links invisible That intertwine our simple lives Into complex webs Of experiences that are, were, And are yet to have been? […]

Talent, Potential

The time has come To display your talent, An awesome display of confidence That must not be prevented.   Though you are tired, Do not be wary. All your weariness […]

Encouragement, Adagio I

Here is a poem, For you, my friends. I want to strengthen you, Embolden you, encourage you, On this very day, Like I do from now on, every day.   […]

Signal Fires

To all of you, Do not be cynical. Become signal fires For those who need light To lead them from Fear’s treacherous grasp.   Look no further for hope In […]


The Holy Spirit thunders forward; It brings us toward The gaping void that separates us From the Narrow Road to Heaven’s Doors.   Mighty is the follower of His loud […]


A fountain of wisdom is Your breath, The force of the Universe that overcame Death. One drop of Your Word Surges forth the Almighty roar of Life That neutralizes all […]

Let Joy Prevail, Not Sorrow

Let there be joy; Make it avail. Let no sorrow prevail.   Though we struggle, For we exist, Let us be mindful and wonder, How captivating life is. Make radical […]

A Prayer for Healing

The following is a prayer, An exhortation, For you and for this nation, Whose faith in God needs resuscitation.   The Lord is always here for you, To address your […]

The Orchard of Wisdom

He who grasps wisdom Clarifies God’s will. This freedom empowers him To use their Heavenly skills. We are here to share our gifts As a unified body of faithful believers. […]

Love, True: From Genesis to You

The following poem was inspired by a sermon I heard at church yesterday. I hope you enjoy it. Love, True: From Genesis to You The genesis of it all Came […]