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The Chain That Binds Us

What is the chain

That binds us together,

The links invisible

That intertwine our simple lives

Into complex webs

Of experiences that are, were,

And are yet to have been?


Why do instinct and intuition merge

When we interact with other people,

The friends and strange faces

Familiar as the stars of the sky

That form the solar systems in our hearts?


Are we engraved in each other’s souls

As soul mates and soul ties

That are omnipresent and everlasting,

Who make us individuals whole?


We are all in relationships with each other

In one way or another.

Genesis and genetics are the beginning,

The family of God and mankind

As birds of the same feather

Flocking in synchronicity with All-Creation forever?


Love is the chain that binds us,

With fervor and happiness and joy a must.


It is the introduction that explodes on stage,

The firestarter that blazes bright after the denouement

In a climactic display that brings life to new heights,

Pushing away the depths in favor of the lights

That bring to the surface the beauty hidden

By our misconceptions of ourselves.


Who are we to label the Chain of Love as shackles?

Is it really servitude if the service is beneficial and voluntary?


Nay, that Chain is the only thing that is both True and fundamental;

Never false or forced or judgmental.

It is honest and sincere and unwavering;

It never fails or quits.

We can never have enough of it.


Let the Chain of Love bind every nation;

Link us to each other by its rings

Of mutual respect and admiration.

May it leave us open to renewal on every level.


For Love is the only force that breaks our bondage

To the falsehoods in our way;

It is the Light of the World that reigns in peace

As the gentle yoke of responsibility that sets us free!

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