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Month: May 2018

The Prism of Perception

Perception is the prism Through which experiences Are imprinted as memories. It is the Window of Vision That emerges from the narrow void Of nothingness as a guiding light For […]

An Ode to Vanilla

Vanilla is delicious, Reminiscent of Mother’s Milk And ice cream, The first flavor I ever savored. You are the scent That returns me to childhood, The memory that sticks to […]

Life between Screens

A life between screens Is not as fun as it seems. Everyone is jumping From monitor to monitor And compulsively sharing Their thoughts and activities, To attract the digital spectators […]


Weird is a wild word that jeers, Awkwardly stinging the ears, Also hurtful when spoken by young minds To bring to the surface The unacceptable, What is lacking in normality, […]

Somewhere on the Horizon

Somewhere on the horizon A ship is sailing in our direction, To save us from this lifeboat That has become our prison For thirty tumultuous days. Salvation appears too distant […]

Unforgivable Is the Crime

The Scuffle There was a scuffle in the street today. Two boys – one black and one blue – Threw punches like stones to the face Over a question no […]

Don’t Judge a Jaywalker

Jaywalkers on crowded roads; Jaywalkers everywhere, Crossing every street, Every intersection On a whim without a care. Be careful when you see one. Be lenient; He might just be a […]

Poetry Is a Musing

Poetry is a musing For architects of the word Who construct language from thin air To describe the world as they see fit. Every poem has a story That the […]


Smash the image. Shatter it now! We have been cursed for a century; There is no way out. The Temple has been totally desecrated; Our people have violated The covenant […]


Passion is a forceful surge of energy That bursts forth from childish wonder, The spectacle of awe That binds us with radiant rapture Whenever we cross paths With the purpose […]


Curiosity is the force That brings two strangers together, Who walk along two separate paths at first, Only to collide with one another And discover something familiar in the unknown. […]


Inhale, then exhale Mighty winds, masterful words As passing breath-clouds.

The Eyes

Behind every wall and frame, There are oceans of faces Looking, searching, But never finding. The exploration is thorough, As if they are hunting a thief Who was reckless And […]

Smile!/Say No

Smile! Smile for the camera; Make it last for a while. A little more joy can go a long way, Even add to your days A few extra miles. Say […]