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Curiosity is the force
That brings two strangers together,
Who walk along two separate paths at first,
Only to collide with one another
And discover something familiar in the unknown.

What is forbidden and what is acceptable,
The boundaries blur in the moment
As the distinct personalities
Learn about each other.

As they grow closer, even temporarily,
The rules relax
And the two become friends at last.

The bond that weaves strangers
Strengthens as they answer more questions.
Passersby on street corners
Watch in envy
As relationships spring forth from nowhere.

The strings of curiosity bind us,
To remind us that it is healthy
To search for fulfillment in people sometimes.

Love can only form when mutual attraction is there,
For intrigue is the urge
That compels us to surge forward
When all hope seems lost.
Doth it not?

The webs of connections
Are safety nets
By which the flavors of life are caught.
A risk-less existence is a futile one
Wrought by apathy and fear of the mysterious.

We cannot let indifference and timidity rule us
When we must be bold to overcome adversity.
Everyone is unfamiliar until we accommodate them.

As strangers find their soul mates
In the people that intrigue them,
They build a better world
That is founded on cooperation, knowledge, and trust.

There is hope for all of us
Who step out of our complacence;

We can use our curiosity
To build a community
Where we are all desired
For who we truly are,
One in which every person
Finds their calling
And a place to call their own.

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