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The Prism of Perception

Perception is the prism
Through which experiences
Are imprinted as memories.

It is the Window of Vision
That emerges from the narrow void
Of nothingness as a guiding light
For the moving pictures that come alive
When we realize where we are,
Where we are going,
And where we have been.

Moments are the choices
That close chapters in life.
Every opportunity has a cost,
A benefit or a loss.
For alternative ways of being,
We can peer in reverse
And recreate them for the present
As Nostalgia.

Many of us cling to the past
For new ways of seeing.
I have ruminated since I was a child,
Only to discover how much effort was wasted
By a mind gone wild.

Time can only go forward; never back.
Worrying about every possible reality
Can only give you a heart attack.
Living by trial and error is another way;
So is comparing yourself to others.
The latter will never create happiness,
While the former tends to be reckless.

How do you handle your lenses?
What is your angle?
Is your perception framed on relative terms
Or mounted on a pillar of Absolute ones?
Is your prism a rainbow of clear light,
Or has it been overcome by the dirty lies
That have obscured the vision of your eyes

– One of many ways to perceive, you realize –

To the point where your windows
Can neither be opened nor open themselves,
And all hope seems lost?

Take my cloth and wash your panels.
There is nothing in Life
That you cannot handle.

You can overcome whatever you choose,
Everything thrown at you,
If you accept the oil
That will cleanse your eyes of the soil
And return your Vision to its original state.

This is not deception;
We are on the same wavelength.
Please trust your strength
And accept the future with better reception.
The difference between survival and Life is your perception!

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