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ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2021 Painting Collection is finally open for your viewing pleasure, and other news

Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

Happy October! You can now freely view more than 300 new original paintings in The 2021 Painting Collection, all of which were created and completed by yours truly over the past year. Here is the link to the gallery:

In addition, this past August, I documented my art and compiled a lifetime of my paintings (more than 500 to date) into a book that captures the diversity of what I have done so far. The title of this book – my 13th and latest book – is “The Painting Portfolio: A Comprehensive and Current Collection of Visual Art”. It comes in e-book form, in paperback, and as a hardcover book.

I have also spent four years working on a Fine Art America account that allows you to buy my paintings and create merchandise based on them – examples include lithographs, greeting cards, coffee mugs, t-shirts, shower curtains, puzzles, and many more choices.

Fine Art America:

This October 2021, one of my newest paintings – “Cruel Static” – will be featured in a Broward County Library Exhibition called “RUMOR HAS IT (MIS)INFORMATION”, which is hosted by the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs.

I have had my paintings on display at the Els Center for Autism’s Pavilion Gallery in July 2020 and also been featured at the Art & Autism Expo in April 2021 – a joint gallery exhibit between Florida Atlantic University and the City of Boynton Beach.

You can also find my artwork for sale at the Artists With Autism (AWA) booth at the Festival Marketplace in Pompano Beach.

To view my other works, visit the following websites:


Amazon Author’s Page:



Thank you for your time and attention and patronage. I look forward to the future and beyond. Have a wonderful evening!


Andrew Blitman

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  1. Andrew,

    I just read a piece you wrote comparing Buddhism to Judaism and appreciated the brief and clear explanation.

    I was searching specifically for how each responds to suffering. While I think I understand the difference, I find it to hard to embrace suffering like Buddhism teaches. I want to actively help eliminate suffering. Is this a Jewish viewpoint or a broader Western outlook?

    I see no need to reconcile these differences. Do you? Just different approaches to life and ways of looking at life.

    What do you think.

    Alan Weisberg

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