Love, True: From Genesis to You

The following poem was inspired by a sermon I heard at church yesterday. I hope you enjoy it. Love, True: From Genesis to You The genesis of it all Came before the Fall. Adam and Eve are meant for each other; They cannot live without one another, Nor by themselves alone.   Adam was not… Read More

“The Wise Manta”, from “Wild Writers: The Animal World’s Greatest Poets”

Jet-black wing-shaped fins Give this manta strength to fly Above the water   As king of the proudest fish That reign over Earth In trust with nature.   My charisma glides Like a marlin pursuing A frightened tuna.   The mighty know not to breach, For only I can teach Radiance and confidence   To… Read More

“The Bridge of Destiny”

You have reached the last poem; The time has finally come. This book is about to end; We must gather what was sown. Have we approached the limit of what is known?   A miracle has happened Within the Sojourner’s Spirit. What is supernatural has shifted; It has become second-nature To the Original Trailblazer, Our… Read More

Off Topic: Billfish in Popular Culture

For millennia, people have scoured the oceans for leviathans and other sea monsters. Experienced fishermen have scoured the seas for proof of their existence, telling countless stories of elusive giant fish—“the ones that got away”.  Their tales of fish so large that they can sink boats have inspired many myths and even more scientific discoveries.… Read More