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Tag: Poetry

Community Conversations: Introducing the Wonderful Julie Lobdell, Microbusiness Specialist of the Els Center’s Adult Day Program (ADT)

I have known Julie for a long time, and I have only good things to say about her. She’s a wonderful and empathetic person, a driven entrepreneur and teacher, a fantastic artist, and she has improved the lives of so many people, especially the individuals and families who seek her help through the Els for Autism Foundation®. She started the Els Center’s Sea of Possibilities microbusiness program in March of 2020

The Song of Atlantis

The following poem is an excerpt from my newest book, "The Blue Book of Poetry and Life". Enjoy!

The Forever Refuge

A cloud jungle in the skyis hidden by invisible barriers on all sides,reinforced by immense rock formationsthat were carved by waterfalls in olden days and the deep visions of ancient […]

Goddess Quintessence

Love is an art,the crafting of curiosity,a prelude to passion’s kissthat levels mountains of riskto piles of sandalong the hillsof the valleys’ descent,where the stream of fishbreaks into tributaries,the capillaries […]

The Way I Love

The way I love is the way I love,as I learn the way I learn.I love the way I love.My heart burns the way a fire burns. The heart that […]

Baby Goose (Gosling)

I am a baby and I love my Dad.He is my role model,The best that anyone could have. An expert pilot,He takes turns flying with my MomTo the corners of […]

Judgment Day

and so I await the trial        my peersweigh the salt and the sand    they demand        retribution    restitution    prosecution    prostitution    […]