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Baby Goose (Gosling)

I am a baby and I love my Dad.
He is my role model,
The best that anyone could have.

An expert pilot,
He takes turns flying with my Mom
To the corners of the globe.

With the rest of the gaggle in tow,
They form a V-pattern in the air
And take turns feeding me at home.

Most of my time is spent in the nest.
I am a gosling after all;
I need my rest.

But in the springtime and in the summer,
The refreshing sunlight awakens me from my slumber.
I play tag with the dandelions,
Who are covered with soft down just like me.

The seeds blow everywhere
After they make me sneeze.
I want to be like them and my parents,
Who travel around the world
And visit the places I think about in my dreams.

When my wings are fully-fledged,
I will join my relatives in the draft.
I will become an ace like my dear old Dad!

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