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Month: July 2018

The Journey

This poem came out of a suicide attempt 10 years ago. I'm not sure if it came before or after, but this poem showed me a glimpse of my future if I were to continue destroying myself along the path I traversed back in 2008/2009. However, it eventually led me out of spiritual darkness and to redemption in Christianity years later. Whatever energy that produced this poem helped me survive depression for more than 8 years straight, even if it was the pure defiance of death and surrender to mental illness. I hope this work helps you and others get out rock bottom, because suicide is not worth it!

All Right

A poem about forgiveness and letting go, from the eyes of this sinner.

The Promise of Cosmosis

This is as much a promise of faith as it is a proclamation of it. Please read to learn more, and share this poem if you have been affected by […]

The Song of Love

The sweetest serenades Are soothing songs sung, Successfully swaying The searching soul With simple sonnets Of sincerest serenity And selfless succor. Sorrows switch to smiles, As the sublime snatches Snuggling […]

La Fuerza Despresciada (The Despised Force)

A poem about the forces of human and divine nature, expressed and written in Spanish. Best read with Google Translate support. Descubre el poder supernatural De La Fuerza Despresciada, La […]

History: Who Owns It?

History is the story, Our Story, Of the interconnectedness of humanity, About how we individuals Are linked as members of a species Whose numbers across time Are unquantifiable as the […]


Obsession is thought oppression, The possession of mental expression By the things that worry and excite us, Locking down our focus Until it is sharp as glass. Only the idea […]

Methuselah, Voice of the Forest

Part One The world is a forest, Its trees reverberating with chatter. The sounds that compose the background Loudly scream their slants, Repeating until all the animals and plants Are […]


I thought I was a person. Identify me! My spirit cries out for attention. Its despair Thickens the air Of dissension That quiets my raspy voice box. I run to […]

The Autistic Voice

Streams of words Flow as drops on paper From the fountain pen, Their source. Communication is easy when written, But when spoken it often feels forced. Although I am normal […]

Never Again (Conversations with God)

On December 19, 2012, I visited Yad Vashem, Jerusalem’s Holocaust memorial. “Never Again” is a feeble attempt to put the horrific events of the Holocaust and my humbling experience in […]

Icarus, Revisited

“He who dared to fly With wings of wax,” Helios laughed, “Shall be set alight”. “I will rise above clouds,” The boy said with wings outstretched, “And make Heaven proud”. […]