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Obsession is thought oppression,
The possession of mental expression
By the things that worry and excite us,
Locking down our focus
Until it is sharp as glass.
Only the idea that beholds us can pass
Without passing on.

Purposeful thinking is a passion,
While excessive repetition
Is dangerous


Leads to blindness,
Ruminations relentless,
Collectively chaotic,
Nuisances neurotic


The epiphany periodic.

Obsession’s zeal is sealed
By the objects and objectives of our desires.
Success can be real
If discipline harnesses the fire
Of unrestrained attention.

Uncontrolled obsession is thought oppression,
The possession of our minds
By the things that worry and excite us
In ways unkind
If they are left unopposed
In our heads.

Many of us are psychologically predisposed
To the phobias and other situations
Where drama is common.

If rumination is your pattern,
Let go of the stress.
Confront that enemy directly
And be impressed:

Your obsession has now been fully undressed!

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