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An Artist's Metanoia

Girded with the Sash of Knowledge,
Decorated by the power to use it
To rescue whomever she chooses,
My muse is amazed and amused
By the spirit of her followers that drives them
To ardently chase the tornadoes of inspiration
That make landfall on the Shores of Eternity,
Where profundities bring everlasting immortality
To the rare visions of the other wandering daydreamers
Who pursue lives of liberty and happiness and
The sources of abundance that can salvage them
From writer’s block and shallow creativity.

My muse watches over us without
Yielding her secrets to the skeptics
Who tell the masses that she does not exist.

It is in the tussle of beliefs true and false, dead or pulsing,
Right and wrong, weak or strong, and in their conquest,
Where the Maiden of Discovery reveals her character best,
Where the evolution of progress and beauty never rests.


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