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The Voice at Hand

Your voice is the sound of words spoken,
The combination of thoughts and actions taken
From the undertow of emotions that overflow
Like an upwelling of encouragement
From the gushing of alpine glaciers
To the mouth of the delta below.

Oh, how it soothes me so.
Your perspectives, your ideas put together,
Are the ones that Everyman
Must share with every man.
They are the lines aligned with who you are
As an individual and as part of a masterpiece.

Extraordinary is the ordinary done with decorum;
The power of a capable hand
Can only be exceeded by a well-rounded mind
Disseminating all that he has learned in the forum
Where the disciplines merge.

Your voice is courageous, even in silence,
Because you do not use it to please others.
You rebuke us when we need authentic love
From fathers and mothers, friends, sisters and brothers.
Your timing is appropriate;
It is the enemy of hatred, indifference, and ignorance.

Your words matter, sons and daughters,
Because they are the creators of literature and your identities,
The destroyers of worlds and all who inhabit them.
The human tongue is the ultimate weapon,
Your hand its eager accomplice.
As a team, all of their wishes can be accomplished.

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