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Passion is a forceful surge of energy
That bursts forth from childish wonder,
The spectacle of awe
That binds us with radiant rapture
Whenever we cross paths
With the purpose for our existence.

Passion is a chandelier that cannot be quenched;
Its plethora of candles give meaning
Wherever goals are encountered.
We flourish when we pursue them,
The will-o-wisps that guide us
In this Earthly wilderness.

Through the thorns and gnarls we go;
A wormhole through the forest
That is really just time pushing us forward.
Once we have discovered
That aspect of nature or Creation
Which motivates us,
There is no backbite or return,
To spin us to the beginning.

For once, the stings of failures
Become tools for successes,

What is the point of life,
If it is not perfected to excellence?
We cannot settle for less
Than the fuel for our passions;
Lest we sacrifice the excitement of it all.

It must be the fruits and labors
Of the spirit and of hard work,


That turns existence into thriving,
Deeper than the frenzy of surviving:


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