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“The Truth about Change”

We seek change when we see fit.
We want change when there is a problem,
When we have had enough of it.

There is something unappealing
About the people and possessions we already have.
Because they are reliable,
We believe that they will stay with us forever.

If we like them, we become complacent,
Gradually taking them for granted
Until they leave us for that reason.
Change is the enemy, not a friend.

If we disapprove of them,
We do everything in our power to cast them away
So that they will never return to us.
Change is the best friend, not an enemy.

Our fickle attitude toward temporary things
Makes Nature’s fickleness seem faithful.
Whether it be our spouses, our friends, or our politicians,
We want them when they serve us for nothing
And discard them as soon as they stray from our selfish scripts.

Who wants to work or love under those conditions,
In which all of us are canaries in coal mines
Walking on egg shells until reality collapses
Under its own pressure?

We even limit God to a box,
As if He were a genie that grants wishes.

The leaders of a society are only as corrupt as their electorate;
They reflect their citizens until at least one side roars for a change.
There are many factors at play and many actors playing their part well.
The masquerade is so perfectly choreographed that no one can tell
Who is good and who is evil.

Where are we – the commoners – in all of this?
We appear to be cheated,
And we mostly are,
But two things are true about the changes we seek:

1. We only want change when we don’t have to do it too.

2. Most of us only want something-for-nothing trades,
Power grabs against the less fortunate
Who settle for less than what they deserve – US –
Out of desperation for relief from their recurring nightmares.

Who is right and who is wrong?

We are wrong until we end this dastardly dance
With the debutantes, dictators, and diplomats of our lives,
Who only appear to sway to the current of change.

In reality, the news is a play,
A farce with many unwitting actors
And even more manipulated pawns
In a high-stakes three-dimensional
Chess game with mighty risks.

All who rule are appointed for purposes
Kept hidden from the public.
Forget about jurisdiction;
There are no winners on the human front.

Change is the Universal Constant,
Shifting Eternally in permanent flow.
We must adapt to avoid the undertow,
The current that sweeps the unwilling
To the depths of obscurity
And drowns the rest of us
If we fail to reach maturity.

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