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The written word
Comes tongue-in-cheek
To the author
That uses characters to speak.

It is not complete fiction
That syntax and diction
Can face each other
As metaphors and contradictions.

The chaos is confined to each letter,
Whether it be a vowel, consonant,
Number, or symbol.

Calligraphy is the art of text,
An elegant swirl of ink the best;
Graphite cannot compete
With elegance so thorough and complete.

All fonts can subvert the English language
If given the chance,
Struck Through as Italics
Or underscored, BOLD, Super Script vigilantes
That leave their righteous IMPACT in the quicksand.

Wit victory comes sarcasm,
The leverage of mockery through adverbs and adjectives,
The flow of syllables in the current of speech
That make every participle noticeable
As a fiery tongue that scorches its critics without mercy.

The perfect one-liner throws convention aside.
The goal is to assault the audience with jokes until the logic clicks
(Or until they walk out and quit);
The honest characters in the room can laugh at the farce of reality
Without being completely consumed by it.

The blind ones cling to political correctness
As a floatation device,
Unable to see that monotony, the tedium of being nice,
Only masks the true cruelty of it all,
The manifold emotions bottled up over time,
Kept inside by fear of either Truth or reprisal.

Humor is the gift
That lifts up
The broken spirit
Of the bent man
By feeding it the fruits of spiritual joy.
All work and no play,
Makes him a dull boy.

Every utterance is a prophecy released into the Universe.
Whether you write one on paper
Or voice your opinion aloud,
Make it funny, ironic, sarcastic, and sentimental too.

If you have a sense of humor, use it;
The world needs to be refreshed
By comedians with original punchlines,
They who are not enmeshed
In the sticky web of political correctness
Who can say a tasteful joke at someone else’s expense.

If you have chutzpah,
Humanity needs you
To donate your rationality to the easily offended.
Comedy exists to put the haughty and the ignorant in their place
And to provide commentary about society at large,
Starting with the people off-stage.

So, let’s end this rhyme.
It’s a cryin’ shame that nobody reads anymore.
But, c’est la vie.
The spoken word is battle-ready.

Approaching now are the armies of authors
That use characters and lexicons to speak.
They will lampoon the world for the rest of the week
With good humor,
Everything tongue-in-cheek!


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