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Tag: Literature

History: Who Owns It?

History is the story, Our Story, Of the interconnectedness of humanity, About how we individuals Are linked as members of a species Whose numbers across time Are unquantifiable as the […]


The written word Comes tongue-in-cheek To the author That uses characters to speak. It is not complete fiction That syntax and diction Can face each other As metaphors and contradictions. […]


Today I pray for you and for those that require it. Let it be known that each day is a gift; Please exalt it.   The days of our lives […]

Encouragement, Adagio I

Here is a poem, For you, my friends. I want to strengthen you, Embolden you, encourage you, On this very day, Like I do from now on, every day.   […]

“Money/The Empty Life”

The quest for money is an empty pursuit, One that searches for deep meaning Where there is none.   Cash is just the messenger Of the transaction. When the means […]

“The Bridge of Destiny”

You have reached the last poem; The time has finally come. This book is about to end; We must gather what was sown. Have we approached the limit of what […]

Off Topic: Billfish in Popular Culture

For millennia, people have scoured the oceans for leviathans and other sea monsters. Experienced fishermen have scoured the seas for proof of their existence, telling countless stories of elusive giant […]