“Money/The Empty Life”

The quest for money is an empty pursuit, One that searches for deep meaning Where there is none.   Cash is just the messenger Of the transaction. When the means of exchange Becomes the center of attention, Avarice takes the stage And the focus of the human condition is consumed.   How can one love… Read More

“The Bridge of Destiny”

You have reached the last poem; The time has finally come. This book is about to end; We must gather what was sown. Have we approached the limit of what is known?   A miracle has happened Within the Sojourner’s Spirit. What is supernatural has shifted; It has become second-nature To the Original Trailblazer, Our… Read More

Off Topic: Billfish in Popular Culture

For millennia, people have scoured the oceans for leviathans and other sea monsters. Experienced fishermen have scoured the seas for proof of their existence, telling countless stories of elusive giant fish—“the ones that got away”.  Their tales of fish so large that they can sink boats have inspired many myths and even more scientific discoveries.… Read More