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Tag: Humor

Don’t Judge a Jaywalker

Jaywalkers on crowded roads; Jaywalkers everywhere, Crossing every street, Every intersection On a whim without a care. Be careful when you see one. Be lenient; He might just be a […]


The written word Comes tongue-in-cheek To the author That uses characters to speak. It is not complete fiction That syntax and diction Can face each other As metaphors and contradictions. […]

I Have Some Jokes and One-Liners for You!

“Did you hear about the gorilla that received the Nobel Prize for Economics last year?” – “Yes, he discovered the mathematical formula for monkey business” What is the scientifically proven […]

Coffee with a Limerick

Cafecito, pobrecito? Do you want it to go? No thank you, my dear. I am extremely thirsty, so I would like my espresso to stay here.