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“The Wise Manta”, from “Wild Writers: The Animal World’s Greatest Poets”

Manta Ray

Jet-black wing-shaped fins

Give this manta strength to fly

Above the water


As king of the proudest fish

That reign over Earth

In trust with nature.


My charisma glides

Like a marlin pursuing

A frightened tuna.


The mighty know not to breach,

For only I can teach

Radiance and confidence


To the landlubbers.

Twenty-foot-wide wings soar high

Like an albatross,


Effortlessly on the search

For fun filter food.

Every day of life excites me,


As adventures go.

That is the purpose of Life.

I pray we cross paths,


For the world is too special

To battle and war

Over things that do not matter.


Aim for the Heavens,

Shoot for the only the true best

Since you deserve joy.


So, take each day as it comes;

The present as the

Focus. You will do great things


If you seize the day.

Why dwell on bad, sad, dark things?

All you need is light


To float like a frigate bird

And love the currents.

Give that Love freely;


You might just discover new

Friends in enemies,

Peace forged from your deepest woes.


These lessons built me

Into the Ruler of Great Fish.

My wings are the sails


Of prowess in air and sea.

They serve me always.

Our time is running out; leave


I must. Charisma

Wakes when you need it most.

All songs are the same


But Grace is unique, blessed,

The Guide of Life’s Flow.

My mantras are yours now.

Share them – here you go!


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