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Windswept Feathers

Behold; it is here.
The moment we have waited for is here.

Years have passed us by;
The seasons have melted our hearts
And made possible this opportunity
To set alight

The candles that outshine
The cloak of the night.

We inflate the balloons
– not too soon –
But, rather, with the sleight
Of a counterweight
To balance our floating lanterns.

They honor our ancestors
Who have passed on
To the future realms.

Memories flood our minds
As the breeze determines
The trajectories of the vigil-crafts.

Tonight, on this special day,
We set aside our measly quarrels
To set right the squandered jubilees
Of our past fights.

Our families and ancestors
Take precedence
In this festival of Eternal Remembrance,
The tribute to the fallen souls of wars,
As well as the victims of time and natural causes.

Behold, this ceremony teeters on the brink
Like the windswept feathers of human life.

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