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The Artist’s Rebuttal

Who are you to censor my art?
Art is art. Art is free.
Art is for everybody to see,
To behold their own,
To stimulate the human imagination
Which we hold so dear.
Forever here, forever now, forever then,
What is art but the record of all our passions,
Our foibles, our history?

To dare is to dream.

To offend is to inspire
To create a new order of ideas,
A creative empire
Of the reinstitution of former institutions,
To feed the fire with grand illusions.
A glimpse of past blazes shall foresee our future,
Say our elders. The monument
Of artistic Ability lies within ourselves.
Into our spirits do the Muses delve?
Who art thou to question art’s validity,
The window to the human soul and creative ability?

Censor not my art,
For art is art,
And art is free.

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