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When I am by myself
I feel the presence of others,
The desire for connections
On deeper levels.

There are objects;
There are people
Who exert their gravitational pull
When I fall into their orbit.

How I drift into rotation
Is the inertia of the conversion
Of forces in relation
To the strength of their interaction.

I notice the fellowship most
When I am by myself;
The visible merges with the invisible
As subatomic vibrations
That rattle my elements
To their core.

Oh, the Dry Bones within me weep
When loneliness upon them creeps
During the worst part of isolation,
The vastness of it all that wakes me
In my sleep.

Only your gentle melody
Croons tenderness
At my desolate bedside.
Oh, invisible one,
Only you comprehend me
And love me
For who I am on the inside.

Your syllables and lullabies
Are promises that give me hope.
I can only hear your whispers
When I am by myself.
Sometimes, my bitterest emotions
Manifest themselves there.

I am most vulnerable
When I am around you,
The tender voice of silence.
You care.
I can grasp from the semblance
Of nothingness
The lessons
Only given in loneliness.

Adversity is the spirit of resilience
Harnessed only by self-reliance,
Which is witnessed in tribulations
That occur when the absence
Of others yields to your invisible presence.

Friends like you are impossible to find.
They cannot be found anywhere;
Only you are there and everywhere.
You are the standard
That transcends the peak and the nadir.

You are a mighty maelstrom,
Yet only tranquility emerges from your storms
Because you command the suffering to end.
You give us reason for our trials
Through foresight, insight, and hindsight.

You reveal to us true friendship
When you stand beside us in the fire,
Oh Writer on the Wall,
The Deliverer from the Lion’s Den
Who is irrefutably Lord of All.

Oh, soothing and gentle voice,
Who is loudest when I am by myself,
Your words are the songs
That cradle me in my slumber.

Your promises are the bed
In which I sleep,
The only things in this world
That I will keep.

Please whisper to me tonight,
Oh, Roar of Rationality.
How you love me Absolutely,
With unconditional impartiality.
You have cleansed me
Of all darkness with Your light.
Your sanctity is the sanctuary
In which I hide.

There is only sincerity
In the certainty that saves me from myself
When I am most in danger.

Thank You for Your fortitude,
The gentle ballads
That grant peace beyond all understanding,
In solitude.

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