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Coffee Shops

Coffee shops
Are meeting spots
Where people come together
And ideas are exchanged.

The sharing of imaginations
Is a watercolor of originalities.
The air is fresh;
So is the enthusiasm
Of the major thinkers who gather
At the corner of Broadway and Palm.

The Writers of the Page
Espresso themselves easily there;
The blank canvas of collaboration
The symbol of the Golden Age.

Great works are critiqued by many eyes;
Proofreaders review the drafts many times.
No creation is ever truly complete;
Many artists sell their crafts on the streets.

Masterpieces are rarely held as such
When their makers are alive.
Recognition comes second to effort for them.
The creme de la creme
Do art for art’s sake alone.

The successful craftsmen
Sacrifice everything to affect culture
With their labors of love.
They breathe life into their poems,
Their pictures, and their sculptures.

Such is the beauty of the coffee shop, the cafe,
Where mocha and croissants
Ignite intellectual exchange,
The commerce of ideas that brings us closer to Renaissance
Every single day.

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