A fountain of wisdom is Your breath, The force of the Universe that overcame Death. One drop of Your Word Surges forth the Almighty roar of Life That neutralizes all evil forever.   It emerged from the Resurrection To the Present Day,   Like a Torrent of Time Flowing down Israel’s mountains To the waterfall’s… Read More

Let Joy Prevail, Not Sorrow

Let there be joy; Make it avail. Let no sorrow prevail.   Though we struggle, For we exist, Let us be mindful and wonder, How captivating life is. Make radical amazement Impossible to resist.   Do not flounder; Instead, meander. Slow down and breathe; Cling to Jesus – our Center.   It is okay to… Read More

A Prayer for Healing

The following is a prayer, An exhortation, For you and for this nation, Whose faith in God needs resuscitation.   The Lord is always here for you, To address your needs. Consider Him for your queries.   I come on your behalf, Asking Him to fully restore you From all your injuries. Please – Father… Read More

The Orchard of Wisdom

He who grasps wisdom Clarifies God’s will. This freedom empowers him To use their Heavenly skills. We are here to share our gifts As a unified body of faithful believers. Shine forth, chosen ones! You have the duty to raise His kingdom Of seedlings until they become trees. Prune the leaves like neurons As time… Read More

Love, True: From Genesis to You

The following poem was inspired by a sermon I heard at church yesterday. I hope you enjoy it. Love, True: From Genesis to You The genesis of it all Came before the Fall. Adam and Eve are meant for each other; They cannot live without one another, Nor by themselves alone.   Adam was not… Read More