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Streamlined form,
The kite-bird
Floats for hours
On the Ocean’s breath
With gentle flaps
Of giant wings.

Feathered master
Of air and sea,
The rider of thermals
Glides on the currents
As a majestic sojourner,
A petrel on patrol
That guides the mariners
From alongside them.

Oh, sweet albatross.
You show us how to resist
The unfathomable perils
Of the Waters that have no end.
Defiling you is a grave offense
That none can defend!

How the hollow bones that are your fragility
Give you the awesome ability
To subvert the swells of storms
And the silence of the stills!

They are the same to you
Because you overcame
The incubation period,
When you were a fledgling
And you failed many times over.

You fly through hurricanes
The way you fly through failure.
You have grown so much
Since you were an egghead
That your thirst for adventure
Has scared Fear out of your life forever.

Do not look back,
For all that has passed is the past
And your tribulation scars were sutured
To prepare you for an Eternal future
Without limitations.

You were once fragile and weak;
Now that maturity has set in
Your hindrances are your gifts,
The foundation of leadership by example
That will inspire the meek
To rise above despair
And hope like you did.

Albatross – Persistence Incarnation –
You must fulfill your obligation
To the next generation.
Be responsible;
All things are possible
In liberation, in freedom.

Streamlined kite-bird that floats for hours
On the Ocean’s breath
With the gentle flaps of giant wings,
You are the innocent friend of all sailors;
Their hope, their compass, their everything,
Especially when they are lost at sea.
You eliminate the burdens of navigation
Whenever you are present.

You are always Right.
You are the



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