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Just Adrift

I am drifting away,
Floating on the waves
Of the sunlit bay.
The Ocean is warm,
While the beach is quiet.

The waters are clear;
All the fish seem to have disappeared.
How tranquil it is at the Sound;
Now the birds are nowhere to be found.

It is eerie to see a sea so empty.
Why is nothing here?
I ask myself
As I lay above the continental shelf.

There must be an answer to that question
Dwelling somewhere in my fickle consciousness,
An upwelling of wisdom to satisfy its concerns
About this ecosystem,
Where every living thing is silent
And the only presence that can be sensed
Is an excoriating absence.

How much time has passed?
I must have floated further
From where I started
My lazy drift from shore.
Am I done for?

I must follow the current
Back to my original singularity,
The point where I began my journey,
When Time is a location in physicality
And Space is a junction in reality.

Could this be the watershed moment
When humanity is propelled forward,
Toward the irreversible choice
Between two alternate destinies?

I appear to have drifted off the Map
Into the dimension
Where I am a spectator,
Watching from afar this final decision
Between Free Will and Predestination.

There is no life in the Quantosphere;
Neither fish nor birds can live here.
This is the astrophysicist’s Wonderland,
A grand experiment
That will be utterly demolished
By the Creator’s Right Hand.
It is the opposite of Paradise for Man.

This must be the point of my drift,
Off course;
To observe the fates
Of people who play God.

The Sun shines brightly
Yet the water is cold.
My flow has become oblivion
As a pulsar burns a black hole
Into pure obsidian.
The rocks are ageless beyond Relativity;
Something must have altered
Our star’s activity.

The future is the past to Him;
All Mankind can do is watch the Ultimate Victory
That has already taken place.
We are all drifting toward the reality
That was ordained to be chosen by us.

This is the Sea of Space-Time,
The Quicksilver Ocean
That has neither beginning nor end.
Every motive, then thought, then word, then action
Ripples around the Universe for Eternity
As circles and lines simultaneously.

The celestial bodies have begun to fade
As the last prophecies fulfill themselves
Without human aid.
The fish and the birds
Noticed the warnings from nature before we did.
All of them made it Home.

If only we followed their lead;
They would never betray us
In our time of need.

I am weary from my travels.
There is no land in sight
And I am completely drained
From fighting against
The Source of Time and Space.

I should have focused on the loved ones
Who were with me at the beach.
I should have savored Life;
Not battled against Death.
I should have forgiven my adversaries;
Not persecuted them.

I have learned the errors of my ways.
What a fool I was to be aggressive and haughty;
You made me wise when I despised your sovereignty
And sought to be the king of my own existence.
You are so kind to have given me
Even these wretched days at sea.
My hourglass is running out of sand;
I will soon meet my Maker and my appropriate end.

What about you, my fellow drifter?

Will you passively float with the undercurrent of Evil tidings
Or actively swim against it by doing the right things?
You can change your fate if you choose the latter
And stay away from all the distractions that are fleeting.
They do not matter!

You do, though, my sojourner friend!
This world is temporary but our souls are Eternal.
Every choice is a watershed moment inescapable.
To flee from fate is to prolong the inevitable
Suffering that develops character
Worthy of the highest blessings.

This is where I leave you;
I am no longer the drifter I was at the start.
The future is now the past to me,
For I completed my final duty as your elder:

To share with you the lessons
I learned from being lost all my life,
Only to be found at the very end.
This is where the old becomes new
And the student becomes the teacher
For those who need rescue.
A good education is a lost art;
With these words I depart.

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