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Cutty Sark

“Cutty Sark”

The Cutty Sark was a famous ship
as fast as a mako shark
on the high seas,
that broke transportation records
before aircraft existed,
when success was defined
by the length of time
it took a boat
to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

There were awards and rewards,
ribands and ribbons,
for ships that relied on wind and steam
to embark on that perilous voyage.

The Cutty Sark was highly regarded
because it overcame the storms
across the Pond in the 1800s,
when safe passage could not be guaranteed.

Old schooner,
my model ship in a bottle,
how long has it been
since your wooden frame
has seen the limelight of fame?

Age has not been kind to you:
for you are all-but-forgotten in my age!

In my time, you rest
as a maritime museum exhibit,
as a retired transatlantic thoroughbred,
a trophy from a bygone era,
when petroleum and coal
were in their infancy

and the wind was the engine
that directed the sails
of progress
across the raging seas!

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