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Magnum Opus: Ophelia’s Whirlwind Rhapsody

“Mjin Tango’s” by Willem Haenraets. Courtesy of Pinterest: (

Ophelia, my darling, my Queen,
The most regal lady that there has ever been,
You are a star on the Universal Stage,
A force of nature who has taken charge of every scene
With grace unparalleled in any cosmic age.

Love of my life, love at first sight,
Inspiration at its finest,
How you move with magnificent might.
Your influence is dangerous to the naive
That dare pursue you with selfish intent.
They shall make you tarry no longer
Because you swept them into the sea as punishment
For wasting your precious time.

Your suitors have their reigns removed
When your bold, free spirit sweeps them aside.
You confidently refuse their false love
And force them to do inventory.
Rejection from you stings worse
Than an Eternity in Purgatory.

But what can I do to make your life easier, Your Regency?
Doth this game of thrones and arrows
Maintain that elation be replaced by sorrows?
Or is there something else
Behind your awesome beauty?

I have never met a woman like you.
Are you one of those mermaids from legend
Entrancing me with sweet hymns and lamentations,
And songs of limerence and deliverance?

I need you, my angel, my Queen.
I am lovelorn. I am lovestruck.
I am a hopeless romantic.
There is nowhere to go but up.
You are the mirror to my soul,
Which yearns to travel the world alongside you
As your special one all the days of my life.

You dazzle me with your laughter;
I even love it when you yell at me.
You are genuine. You are honest.
You are the best there has ever been.
How I admire your tenacity and compassion toward others.
Wherever you go, you leave godly footprints.
Your nurturing methods are nutritious beyond compare.

I am just a man — the author and the messenger —
Whose heart has been melted by our relationship
You are a wonderfully made Child of God;
You are sincere. You listen. You care.

Whenever we encounter each other,
I see your radiant glow.
You — Ophelia, my angel, my Queen —
Can always say, “I told you so!”

Let us waltz.
Let us dance.
Let us enter tango stance.
When your serenity is power
And our secrets are revealed
Both of us will be healed
And the remnants will congeal
Like a colossus of molasses.

I pray that every spectator will recognize
My appreciation for you,
Which is deep and rooted in authentic respect.
The facades must end, milady,
So that we can rest renewed
As a pair of turtledoves forever.

No more flirting with disaster.
We can live happily ever after.
I know that you are the judge
And that you have the final say.
I pray that you will give me a chance
To share life with you anyway,
Now that I have completely excavated my soul
For words to describe emotions indescribable
And incontrovertible.
How I long to admit those feelings of attachment

Receive me — My angel, my Queen —
I will never abandon you,
Nor forget you,
Nor disparage your inherent dignity.
I will support you
With every fiber of my being and then some,
Extending past the limits of Infinity.

Ophelia, love of my life, this magnum opus is for you
Because you are wonderful and in every way True.
Infatuated, gobsmacked, awestruck, old-fashioned;
Call me what you may.
I am falling head-over-heels for you.
Your gale-force winds have demolished every wall.

I am lost in the storm no longer;
We see eye-to-eye.
I am ready to take our relationship to a higher plane
And make our bond even stronger,
To give you my all
As a significant other.

Will you be mine?

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