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Category: Poetry

It’s a Wonderful Life After All!

Just how much of our lives can we claimAs our own amidst the histories named,Which people across space and timeBear witness to the thingsThat happen to us and those we […]

An Artist's Metanoia

Girded with the Sash of Knowledge,Decorated by the power to use itTo rescue whomever she chooses,My muse is amazed and amusedBy the spirit of her followers that drives themTo ardently […]

I Am the Jew

A poem that directly confronts the ideological core of Anti-Semitism, and its foul absurdity.

The Emperor and the Swan

Emperor Sho-Fu always walks with his dear friends in the willow groves, where the koi swim by, where cygnets gather aside, to receive his gifts from the water’s edge, where […]