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Tag: Religion

La Fuerza Despresciada (The Despised Force)

A poem about the forces of human and divine nature, expressed and written in Spanish. Best read with Google Translate support. Descubre el poder supernatural De La Fuerza Despresciada, La […]


Smash the image. Shatter it now! We have been cursed for a century; There is no way out. The Temple has been totally desecrated; Our people have violated The covenant […]


Today I pray for you and for those that require it. Let it be known that each day is a gift; Please exalt it.   The days of our lives […]

Encouragement, Adagio I

Here is a poem, For you, my friends. I want to strengthen you, Embolden you, encourage you, On this very day, Like I do from now on, every day.   […]

Love, True: From Genesis to You

The following poem was inspired by a sermon I heard at church yesterday. I hope you enjoy it. Love, True: From Genesis to You The genesis of it all Came […]

“The Bridge of Destiny”

You have reached the last poem; The time has finally come. This book is about to end; We must gather what was sown. Have we approached the limit of what […]

A Plea for Forgiveness, 2017

The best part about “forgiveness” is that it contains the words “forgive” and “forgiven”. When you forgive someone, you are also being forgiven by God for holding grudges against that […]