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Echo Chambers

Opinions are wanted. Opinions are good. This is the case if we’re inside Echo chambers, Where only my perspective is multiplied.   You’re wrong! You’re right! Our friendship is over […]

The Chain That Binds Us

What is the chain That binds us together, The links invisible That intertwine our simple lives Into complex webs Of experiences that are, were, And are yet to have been? […]

Talent, Potential

The time has come To display your talent, An awesome display of confidence That must not be prevented.   Though you are tired, Do not be wary. All your weariness […]

A Eulogy for America/Lamentations

Here is a poem I wrote to encourage you through Valentine’s Day, taking into account the events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the other tragedies that have taken […]


This poem is an excerpt from my book, “Wild Writers: The Animal World’s Greatest Poets”. It’s time to samba, To dance with a black mamba. We’re done; I bit you. […]

“Money/The Empty Life”

The quest for money is an empty pursuit, One that searches for deep meaning Where there is none.   Cash is just the messenger Of the transaction. When the means […]

“The Great Hope Is Truth”

The following poem is fictional and is not based on anyone or anything in particular. Please take it for what it is – an intense poetic story. A hero marches […]

A Plea for Forgiveness, 2017

The best part about “forgiveness” is that it contains the words “forgive” and “forgiven”. When you forgive someone, you are also being forgiven by God for holding grudges against that […]