My Mission

I am passionate about life and the world around us. I am a jack of many trades, and have searched long and hard for a meaningful niche. Central to my education are subjects like biology, psychology, history, math, and Scripture. I love helping others through community service and tutoring. I like to write poetry and read the Bible. I have built websites and self-published books on Amazon. I graduated from the University of Miami with a Masters of Professional Science in Marine Affairs.

I am very blessed and owe everything to God and to my family and friends, to connections like you. However, enough about me. You are my focus. I want to lend my expertise to you, so that we can collaborate and make this world a better place. I really want a mentor. It might just be me calling, or it could be our calling. The road to success is a narrow one. Who knows where it might lead?

On standby,

Andrew Blitman