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The Epic Story of Bobby the Meek


Bobby has all the friends in the world
until he speaks,
when they leave without a sound
to the mountains and the hills
where everything is still
and Bobby is nowhere to be found.

He looks for them;
He looks for answers and reasons why.

“Did I say something wrong, Mr. Bird?”
he innocently asked the robin that flew by.
“I don’t speak human; ask the orange tree who does.”

“Did I make an inappropriate joke, Mr. Orange Tree?”
“No, my son. It’s not your aroma, either.”
His eyes and mouth withdrew into his bark.

Bobby approached the meadowlark on the branch above.
“Have I been mean to them?
They left me in the dark!”
“I am sworn to secrecy, but in my silence
lies the answer you seek.”

Bobby turned to a snake on the dunes
after walking quite a distance from his origin.
The serpent asked him with a slither,
“What’s biting you, young one?
What brings you from the meadows?
Feel deserted?”

“How did you know I come from the meadows?”
Bobby, panic-stricken, asked the creature.

“Because I know these ways very well,
and the many people who ask me questions like,
‘Who am I?’, ‘Why am I so lonely?’, and, ‘Why does this funny-looking creature need legs?’”

“Hey! Those are my questions!” Bobby’s Conscience began to quiver.
“Why don’t you have legs, funny-looking animal thingy?” he retorted, laughing loudly.

“What are you laughing at?” The snake hissed, annoyed by the fact that he made himself open for mockery by the jokes of a mere child. “At least I have friends!”

Nervously, Bobby asked the serpent something he shouldn’t have:
“But, I have no friends! Why is that? Where did they go? Why did they leave me so silently?”

The snake sprouted wings and stared Bobby directly in the eye, responding:

“Young punk, “you are tired, weary, humble, boring, drab, uninteresting, and weak. You are blunt, blustering stupid puns and jokestrings that chain without end. Conversations without you seem self-centered and go nowhere. You frustrate me with your naivete, and your devotion to people who clearly have no interest in you.”

“I never thought I was that awful a person! Why do you stay around me if I irritate you so much? Why don’t you flee for the hills or take me out of my misery?”

Bobby cried to the monsters outside and within him.

Obliged by the questions that should have never been asked in the first place, the Serpent the Devil coiled around Bobby and shrilled with a thrill, “I’ll be your friend, boy!”

And it went in for the bite and the kill,

Until a sword of light
fell from the Sky;
The Angel of God Michael
restrained the winged snake and told the boy to flee
and reject all of the infernal lies!

With all his might and energy,
Bobby ran for the Hills
where a Holy Spirit encountered him.

“Do you know Who I Am, Bobby?” He asked.
“You have a familiar presence, a calming one. Is this another trap?” Bobby reacted, impulsively catching his breath.

“No, I Am the One Who sent the angel – the chief of my command – to intervene on your behalf because your Conscience cried out to Me in desperation! You were ensnared and entrained by the Devil, Bobby, and I set you free”

“Don’t you know better than to talk to strangers? Don’t you have family, friends, siblings, pets, to turn to in times of distress? Why the long face, my child?”

“I was so lonely. I felt like all of my friends had deserted me without a word. Some even fled to the highlands to escape me! Now, the Devil showed up and showed me that I was mean and weak!”

“You have nothing and no one to fear anymore, son.” The Holy Spirit lightly embraced him.

“No man is perfect, and, yes, a few of your adversary’s remarks are true. But remember that the Devil lies, and half-truths are more dangerous than damned lies (and statistics). You are worth everything – an Eternity and beyond – to more people, past, present, and future, than you can possibly imagine. You mean the world to your parents, to your grandparents, to your cats, to even the God of the Universe, Who created you before the universe itself was even born.

Don’t be deceived by your feelings or those around you. Trust My Voice, that of your Conscience. Seek fellowship. You have so much to live for, Robert. Abandonment by people is a blessing because it opens your heart to the Everlasting Love of God.

You are not weak. You are strong. Be blessed and bold, for yes you are broken, but you are a holy vessel, who is great because He Who Created You is meek.”

Enraptured, Bobby could only smile with godsmacked tears before he could ask this final question, which was answered only pre-emptively:

“Yes, I AM He, the Lord Himself, Jesus Christ,” before ascending heavenward with the angel as the shadow-serpent lay shattered and silenced, its ghastly presence seeping into the crevices created by the Tree’s roots.

“Keep My commandments and My statutes, and guard thyself, so that thee never return to so dark a place.”

Keeping his Word, so begins the story of Bobby the Meek.

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