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All Right

This poem about forgiveness and letting go is the most important one that I have ever written. It is an open letter to those of us who are in the midst of grudges. I hope that this poem stirs your heart toward forgiveness as much as writing it broke mine into contrition.

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black chain

Photo by lalesh aldarwish on Pexels.com

At the Midnight Hour,
The awkward push
Is the grip of shame
That weighs me down
Like a ball ‘n’ chain.

There ain’t no blade
To cut the links
Around my body
That bind me
To the crimes I committed,
The lies and sins
For which I am guilty
And deserve all the blame.

They are my cross to bare.
I will not hide from them
Because these mistakes are my own;
They are the epicenter
Of the earthquake of errors
That created me,
The fears from which I have grown.

I am not alone
In what ails me.
We all have walls within us
That contain us
Like jail cells.

They are the stings of imperfection,
The injuries that groan of our failings.

The memories of my callousness toward you
As a friend who became your enemy
Without reason
In your time of need,
Are wasabe on my open wounds,
The bitterness on yours, too,
Which were indefensible and unexpected.

How I long for you,
Sweet Forgiveness!

You are the Judge of both forgive-ness and forgiven-ess,
He who gives undeserved mercy to the repentant persecutor
And clemency to the victim from the venom of resentment.

How I long to meet you
– Your Honor, my Solemn Assessor –
To hear your ultimate verdict.
Heaven or Hell, Freedom or Jail,
I accept your decision as True Justice,
For I do not deserve any compassion.

Let these chains slice me deeply.
Cast me into the Holy Fire
If that assuages Your Righteous Wrath
And my victim’s desire.

If that be Justice deserved,
Do not hold back,
For You know best
That I have earned this fate.

Just give ‘em liberty from their trauma
And rapture them to Your Kingdom in the Sky
Before the Final Tribulation occurs
And Your Open Arms close to those of us on Earth.

I beseech you, now;
Please show us relentless Mercy!

Oh, Breath of Life,
He who sees through the faults
Of our soiled flesh of clay,
Release us from the ball ‘n’ chain of shame
With the strong-armed roar of divine justice
That only you can rightfully proclaim!

I hope that these words reach you,
My wounded friend,
For only your forgiveness
– In person or from a distance –
Can push you into the Firmament of Heaven
Where you belong!


Abandon your grudges against me.
Leave me in God’s Hands
So that there won’t be blood on yours.
I am not worth your trouble.

Both He and I can see the light,
That you are doing all right!

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