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The Promise of Cosmosis

This is as much a promise of faith as it is a proclamation of it. Please read to learn more, and share this poem if you have been affected by it.

The cosmogenesis of faith in Jesus
Is a flurry of excitement,
An open invitation from the Father
Designated to you as a gift of righteous enticement.

It is your intrinsic desire,
Your eager anticipation,
To enter the hidden realms of unknown revelations,
The collective womb of the greatest imaginations
That have ever seen the true beauty of Creation
By persisting through complete desperation.

He shall grace you with the fruits of every seed
That you have ever planted,
The goodness that has been sown throughout your life
During the rains that have deluged you
In times of disaster.

In darkness and in light,
God is our compassionate Creator and merciful Master.
Behold the wealth that true faith yields to the righteous
In all of its protective might.

I beseech you,
God’s children – Jews and gentiles alike –
To experience existence beyond subsistence
As you have never chosen to do before.

Open the door.

There is a change of fate
That occurs when you place your doubts second
To the things that cannot be seen.
You will go to places beyond your wildest dreams.

If you want to trust in the future
And watch the world unfold in a new direction
Before your eyes,
Please recognize
That you must dive into the unknown, the unknowable.

A leap of faith is an exodus shared and personal
That begins with that very first step
Into the Sea of Reeds.
Fear is as much a location and an emotion
As outer space is a void and an ocean.

Release it so that hope can be your center.
Go with your Bible over your intuition
To discover that the Word of God
Is a covenant timeless, unbreakable, and unbroken.

When you open yourself to Jesus,
You stop holding back.

This is just where it begins

– God’s Promise of Cosmosis –

The LORD of Hosts bends the Universe to His Will and for your good,
So that every trial wraps up to sustain you through all your days.
He is the Truth, the Life, and the Way.

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