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The Song of Love

The sweetest serenades
Are soothing songs sung,
Successfully swaying
The searching soul
With simple sonnets
Of sincerest serenity
And selfless succor.

Sorrows switch to smiles,
As the sublime snatches
Snuggling sweethearts
From solitude unsought-after.

The smell of the surrounding
Saffron sunflowers
Swerves the senses
Of the senselessly solo
That stop to sniff them
In the Sanctuary of the Saints,
They who sing solemnly
The stories of citizens cut short.

Their serenades are sweet
As they are sour
Because not all of us
Are assured to sing them.

Some souls spend
All of time toiling on the soil
As solitary spirits
That find solace as wanderers
Who sojourn not for love,
But solely for the love of adventure.

Man was not meant to live alone,
But rather to find that special someone
To hymn harmonies
Of life and love and loss,
Of faith and family and friendship.

This is the essence of music,
The conveyance of lyrics
As love letters to life itself.

Lovelorn otherwise,
We write to win or win over
Whatever wonderful weather
That washes in
With the winds and waters.

Sing then, starlings of all ages,
Songbirds of all species and all the ages.
Let the breath of life and the words of love
Nourish you as the sugary soulful serenades
That bring serenity to the solitary
And comfort to the coupled.

Your notes
Are the nectar
Of new hope
That invigorate
The aged
With fresh life!

Let your voices reverberate
As waves in every ocean,
As vibrations in the atmosphere,
Until every creature
Croons in unison with you
And all of us merge in solidarity
As a chorus of infinite complexity!

It is the sum-total of dreams and lamentations,
The grand symphony of every organism
That has lived since the Dawn of Creation.

Life is meant to be savored with compassion
Because it has a flavor of action
Unique to everyone and everything that has it.
It is fickle and necessary as Love,
And every bit as explosive and fleeting.

Love them both and love others greater still,
For all can be easily taken away.
If honed and appreciated,
With you they will stay.

Remember that your voice is a city on a hill,
A brilliant light on a distant shore
That inspires people to live lives fulfilled.
Belt out the beat to the planets above
As it swells outward from your core.

This is the Song of Love
That bursts forth from the sincerity
Of a pure and open heart.
Follow the rhythm as it changes Life itself
As it has always done,
Since the Start!

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