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The Despised Force (My Original, Personal Translation)

This is my personal translation for the previous poem. I still recommend using Google Translate to fully understand this multifaceted work!


Discover the supernatural power
Of the Despised Force,
The total emanation of human effort
That emerges from the Mother Earth
And permeates the body
When justice is demanded
But none is fulfilled.

This primal frustration
Neither waits for man nor beast.
Nor does it serve the sinister ones.
When innocence faces danger
The Despised Force confronts it
Like a manifestation of fog.

The Force is dismissed by the world
Because It is not of the world
Nor is It of the Mother Earth.

The Force is despised
Because He divides the World
Into parts clean and evil;
Each piece has been continually separated
By divine processes,
By the sacred Hands of God
The All-Just One.

The Holy Spirit has existed before the world
And will survive the universe
In all of its totality
Because He is the reason
For our existence
And for all existence.

Jesus Christ is God,
The Adversary of the Devil
And all of his evil powers
– The forces that should be despised
But are not by much of the world
When there are no superficialities.

Our world is finite and dead.

It is a cadaver of carbon and water,
Of blood and chlorophyll,
Of memories that surge
From currents of electricity between cells,
Of stories of the multitudes of lives
That live and die without footprints,
Totally interconnected.

We inhabit this fallen reality,
The illusion of evil power over the earth,

It is a reality inverted
That opposes the divine order of God,

We live here
Because we intrinsically hate Our Creator
And His directions for our lives,
When we lose our faith in Him, we lose everything.

And yet, God always knows us all!

Why does the Divine Force not totally ignore us?
Why are we here?

It is our fault, because we ignore Him
With all of our energy!

The Despised Force is All-Just
Because it is of the All-Just One.
His Voice is dismissed
Because we do not want to be wrong.

The Conscience is not of the Universe.
It is supernal and supernatural, divine.
It is a gift from God to us.
It is our responsibility to maintain it.

We must use the gifts of God,
Our natural abilities and beyond,
To advance the continued wellbeing of humanity
Following the model of the Creator.

Otherwise, it is just another weapon
Against your neighbor.

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