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History: Who Owns It?

History is the story,
Our Story,
Of the interconnectedness of humanity,
About how we individuals
Are linked as members of a species
Whose numbers across time
Are unquantifiable as the stars,
A web of interdependent lives
That are of greater worth
Than every wealth that belongs to the Earth.

The narrative has many lenses,
As many as the word “identity” itself.
The Future is the Past
To He that watches from the outside
An Eternity woven about a frame
That loops around a singularity
Without beginning or end.

The warp-around window of Time
Closes for errors in Free Will
That alter God’s plans for the Universe.
All of the errors of human perception
Are corrected by the reflexes of predestination.

Just like DNA,
The roads of destiny intertwine forward and back
As an anti-parallel helix.
Where the roads meet,
Alternate realities tug at each other
Until the best one prevails.

This is the inception of a moment,
The birth of a choice.
Each thought that becomes an action
Ripples from the epicenter like an earthquake,
Shattering the opportunity not taken
With a seismic reaction
Until it is relegated
To the depth of Dream World,
The home of ideas and goals forsaken.

That is the birthplace of Alternate History,
The only place in the Universe
That contains the stories
Hypothetical and/or True.

From every event that occurs,
An equal and false alternative
Is born and destroyed,
Much like the instantaneous birth and death
Of anti-matter in the Void.

History is the narrative that matters,
The one that is corroborated
By a compilation of sources
That can be verified with tangible evidence
Across disciplines
As different from each other

As biology, photography, and literature,
Linguistics, and archeology,
Chemistry, physics, and art.

It is the History of Matter,
The story of how everything and everyone came to be,
And why you and I and we and they and all of us matter.
It is a library of narratives
– Those of individuals and cities and nations
And thousands of years of civilizations.

The sum-total of humanity’s achievements are mostly empty pages,
For most of our ancestors were illiterate
And the majority of our biggest successes (and failures)
Are yet to come.

History is Our Story and we are its stewards;
The dawn has passed and a new day has begun.

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