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Work Is for Chumps

Work is for chumps
Who are grumpy;
All they want is money.

Sure; some people
Genuinely get fulfillment
From what they do.

The majority are cogs in a wheel,
Living the dreams of others
Instead of their own.

It is amazing
What we sacrifice
For temporary,
Illusory contentment.

Materialism is a failed replacement
For true passions, hope, joy, and dignity,
That come from the tasks we really enjoy,

The ones away from corporate ladders
And puff adders
Who are never totally impressed
By our accomplishments,
The ones that we use to please strangers.

The vivacity for which we yearn
Comes from risks and adventures;
The elements that make them desirable
Differ according to the person.

The job that inspires us
Must be both attainable and challenging
To be heartily rewarding.

Work! Work! Work!
Find the career that kindles your spirit.
Identify it and never let it go away!

Free yourselves from the matrix
Of bureaucratic meritocracies as soon as you can,
For work without pleasure is for chumps
Who are only there to get paid.
Do what you love instead.

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