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Smash the image.
Shatter it now!
We have been cursed for a century;
There is no way out.

The Temple has been totally desecrated;
Our people have violated
The covenant entrusted to us
Because the things we worshiped were wrong.
We are culpable according to our words;
The way we scrambled the traditional songs.

We hymned to the presences that did not belong
In the midst of the Holy One.
We brought incense and tainted the Promises,
Indelible and everlasting they are still.

We are like Daedalus,
Eternally moving boulders uphill.
To and fro we will go.
Rest has been denied to us;
Such is our punishment.
The feasts have become famines
Due to droughts drafted for our discontent.

Smash the image!
Shatter the shackles now and repent!

Those evil rituals and meaningless chants
Have systematically indoctrinated
Entire generations to ignorance
So that their innocence is completely gone,
So that their awareness has fully withdrawn.

Our people have fallen victim to false preachers
And gave themselves up to stalwart hypocrites.
The library of rules and double-standards that they created
Are only punitive to those who follow them.
They deny their own welfare
In favor of laws twisted by the elite
That use fear to entangle commoners in Hellfire;
This is the type of control that religion inspires.

The savagery, the exploitation;
The Spirit of God is absent from those congregations.
In Its place is the gross manipulation
Of facts and lies and sheep until they merge
Into half-truth mutton as sinister
As those speakers that call themselves ministers.

Our dissonance has painted a whitewashed world
Where fairness and honest reporting
Have kowtowed to racism and revisionist history.
Even established science has collapsed
Under the weight of conspiracy theories.

They are the things that have taken charge of our hearts.
At this juncture, hope will come with justice
As it has in times passed.
If progress is to be real,
We must be honest with ourselves and others.

Take off the mask
Now that the idols have been exposed to light and smashed.
You have become an iconoclast at last.


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