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Smile!/Say No


Smile for the camera;
Make it last for a while.
A little more joy can go a long way,
Even add to your days
A few extra miles.

Say No

Say no for once;
You don’t have to do it all.
Tend to your own needs;
You mustn’t answer every single call.

You are a good friend;
You would do anything to defend.
You have given away so much of yourself
That you have put your needs on the bottom shelf.

You have been exhausted
For quite some time already.
Take a sabbatical from your workload;
You will explode if you don’t.

We don’t need another martyr;
The situation that causes problems
For the firestarter.
You will short-circuit
If you ignore your own advice.

Trust your gut on this one;
Settle down your mind.
Take a breather, overachievers.
Please, unwind!

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