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Your love is strange.
Your love is epic,
Behind it a power so strong
It makes me panic.

Your love is adventure;
It is sheer experience.
Ahead of it is a future
Filled with radical amazement.

Before everything existed,
It was there.
You extended the invitation
To be alongside you
In a wilderness that tames.

We are foolish;
We resist it.
We question our worth
The moment we request it.

It is rebirth;
Your love resurrects.
It is complete;
It does not need to be corrected.

You give it
To us freely.
We only need to receive it,
For you mean it sincerely.

It is unique;
Your love cannot deceive.
There is no guilt,
Nor shame, nor blame, nor games.

Your love is mature;
It is grandeur.
Your love neither turns away
Nor runs away.

When I am angry,
When I am no longer fun,
You love me even in sadness
And understand it.

We are inseparable;
You do not judge,
Nor tempt, nor persecute.
Your love is genuine and fearless.

Your love transforms;
It is supernal, supernatural,
Supreme, and otherworldly.
It is the spark of life
That transcends death,
The firm foundation
Built upon the words
Of your immutable breath.

The transformation
Is palpable deliverance
And purpose.
You give your love
Without conditions,
On purpose.
It annihilates all barriers
And makes all things possible.

Acceptance and tolerance
Are abominations in Your sight;
Only unadulterated love is right.
We only love because You loved us first.

Your love never hates or discriminates;
Partiality is the mark of a mind reprobate.
You transform us with Your universal compassion
And restore us from the wounds of isolation.
Your love is total transformation;
Its calming effects have no limitations.

You shut our pasts
Behind a sealed door.
Abba – Father – Your love is pure.
How you reassure
That we are healed to our core.

Your Love is the Ultimate Sacrifice;
Its sacred nature the cure for all ills.
It is the only feeling that fulfills.

Jesus – Your Love is Real.

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