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“The War Mentality”

The Combatants Enter


The heart of a warrior

Is shaped by experience;

Faith in hard times

The product of repetition.

The laws of combat

Bow to the lowest common denominator

Of the enemies present

At any given time.


The mind of a fighter

Is torn by the promises of victory

And the carnage of war.

He is split between righteousness and villainy.

His decisions can waver

When he is under fire by heavy artillery.


He has only one life to live,

To hold on to what he holds dear;

His ante is that life,

All of which he puts on the line

For values greater than it.

He sacrifices for his beliefs,

For his country, for his Commander-in-Chief.


The General is the highest-ranked tactician,

An officer that leads the warriors and fighters into battle.

He sends them to Peril’s Gates,

Where they may be vulnerable in every position.

All strategies have their associated risks,

Some more; some less.

The Battlefield


The soldiers on the field are pawns in high-stress chess.

The only rules in war are no rules whatsoever.

Diplomacy and sanctions are alternatives derailed

Because every other option has failed.

In the midst of this crisis,

The bowels of Hell well up to the surface of the Earth.

The nature of our hearts is by default evil;

We humans are so easy to coerce.


The battlefield hides numerous dangers:


Camouflaged foes, land mines, sticks, and swords;

Missiles, robots, guns, tanks, cars, and stones;

Supersonic jets, stealth bombers, acids, and poison gases;

Grenades, lasers, viruses, nuclear weapons, and drones.


The things seen here cannot be forgotten.

We have devised so many ways to harm each other;

No wonder humanity is so rotten.



Interlude; the fighting is crude.

Violence is an all-too-human feud.

Hatred, scarcity, and greed are the Machine’s gears.

How do we get out of here?

Historically Speaking


The spoils of strife were once significant.

Historically, the raiders of civilizations stripped many of them bare.

They extracted their resources and crushed their identities,

Abducting citizens as captive property.

Whole cultures were devoured by empires and then burned to ruins.


The records of their existence were wiped clean,

Their conquered remains buried for eons

Like those of Carthage and Troy and Alexandria.

They remained the stories of myths and folk tales,

Left in the oral traditions that salvaged cultural memories,

About how the identities of nations past and present came to be.

Such are the impacts of artifacts and archaeological discoveries.

When Will It End?


When will they end – the fights, the battles, and the wars?

Can you see that even the War for Peace is Eternally done for?

When will these tensions fade away,

The animosity between races and ethnicities and political factions

That are fictitious and are beyond irrational today?


Have we learned nothing from the ancients,

Our ancestors who established modern prejudice,

Sinful disobedience, and the methods of malice?


They fought their battles on Earthly planes

Based on worldly wisdoms, anecdotes, and aphorisms.

Their leaders were double-minded at best,

Unstable in all of their ways,

Motivated by their own self-interest.


Our forebears perverted the Absolute Truth

And split it into relative truths




Much like we who are copying them deliberately.

This is a war that must be fought spiritually.

Our grievances against powers and principalities

Must be met with prayer and righteous living

In the eyes of God.


This is the Dirty and Absolute Truth:


All of our battles

Are rooted in rumors and gossip and propaganda.

The falsehoods we cannot see

Are the manipulations of social puppeteers,

Who use espionage and systematic oppression

To empower their eager volunteers

And fund their greedy obsessions.

They work in the shadows,

Hoarding money and possessions…


As are we who cling to our obsessions and possessions

As if our external appearance is the virtue of virtues.

Ending the War Mentality

For He is the vine and we are the branches;

When we abide in Him and He in us

We bring forth much fruit;

For without Him we can do nothing (John 15: 5).


How much longer must this power struggle last?

When will the warriors and fighters

Swap their Earthly weapons with spiritual ones,

Arming themselves with Scripture’s holy fire?

What can we do to dismantle the war mentality,

The post-traumatic-stress loop that bombards us with images

From the past that must be left behind?


What is the value of a human life in wartime,

When we are forced to dehumanize our fellow men

For the sake of total victory against evil?

What do we do when we ask ourselves this question,

Projecting our perceptions on blank canvases

Too precious to be quantified?


Prodigal Child,

Do you see now that you are as priceless as the rest of us?

You are like us – too stubborn to let God in;

Can’t you tell that this refusal to change

Lets our adversaries win?


Why do we measure ourselves against each other

When it is forbidden for our own protection

By God Who crafted us from clay in His Own Image?

Is it not blasphemy to judge Him on our turf,

As if we can calculate the worth of His Likeness?


Lay down your pride and desire for retaliation;

Renew your minds and pray for the nations,

For the Victory against War Itself

Might just be our total surrender to God Himself,

Since we cannot save ourselves.


It all begins with diplomacy, and then repentance,

Followed by forgiveness, and the reconciliation of broken parts.


It is time to do away with Fear,

The Liar, the War Mentality that brought us here.


Listen to the whispers of history,

The insights from the past that empower us

To learn from our ancestors,

That empower us to turn from past feuds

So that our society steers clear of collapse into anarchy.




Are you ready to be set free?

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