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Encouragement, Adagio I

Here is a poem,

For you, my friends.

I want to strengthen you,

Embolden you, encourage you,

On this very day,

Like I do from now on, every day.


You matter, you know,

More than you acknowledge

Or care to admit so.

You are special but deny the credit;

You were created by God,

Indelibly so in His image.


Follow His lead, and you will go places

Mere mortals by themselves would never envisage.

You are saints in a cloud of witnesses,

Manna falling from the sky

Nourishing those around you as healers passing by.


The Truth lies with Jesus,

Who rescued, then resurrected us.

You make every day precious

As Jerusalem stone in the Old City.


This poem is for you, my friends,

Whom I hope can use these words

To fan the flames of your spiritual intensity

And brighten the lights

That would otherwise perish on lonely nights.


You are not alone;

You are valuable and priceless beyond measure.

You are strong and indestructible as Divine treasure.

God – Who made us – is never wrong.

His Master Plan is hidden,

A joyride our decisions have written.


No words can say that they define you.

Only you can give them meaning.

Fellow warriors; the birds above are singing.

Remember that you are children of God;

He is replenishing you with His Spirit

To keep you thriving against all of the odds.


The value of a life is Eternal;

It has no limits.

No one shall stop you from reaching yours,

Except if God says it’s forbidden.


Thank you for playing such significant roles;

The friendships we have struck are better than gold.

No material can ever compare

To the substantial blessings you and God

Have delivered as the answers to my lifelong prayers.


You are all major players

In the fight against darkness.

Brandish your Breastplates of Righteousness

And your Sandals of Truth.

Arm yourselves with the Sword of Scripture

To conquer our spiritual foes.

Together, we will overcome the Enemy in our lives

And establish victory early in our youth.


None shall tread further;

We have been sanctified by Salvation.

We must follow Jesus’s example

To trample scorpions and heal nations.


I know you can do it, one person at a time.

I have seen it happen right before my very eyes.

Let the fruits of your labor be prolific,

For you are valiant and fantastic and terrific!

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