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The Holy Spirit thunders forward;

It brings us toward

The gaping void that separates us

From the Narrow Road to Heaven’s Doors.


Mighty is the follower of His loud whispers,

Which harken us to choose the moral route

Even when the inconvenience makes us doubt

If we really matter.


There is hope for those who believe,

May those you trust guide you to His relief.

If you call out to the Lord, lo and behold,

He is beside you.

Seek and you will find;

Read his Word and He will renew your mind.


Let your day be special,

For you walk in the presence of angels.

See the beauty around us,

And recognize the lights that you are.


Shine on and never quit.

Do right;

Do not abandon your standards

For profit.


Do not love the world;

Relinquish it for the Word.

The Earth is an evil trap.

Rest in God’s Promises,

Which will never be broken.


Be faithful to those around you,

And to Him foremost.

We are in this battle together;

Let radical amazement and mercy

Abide in us forever.

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