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The Orchard of Wisdom

He who grasps wisdom
Clarifies God’s will.
This freedom empowers him
To use their Heavenly skills.

We are here to share our gifts
As a unified body of faithful believers.
Shine forth, chosen ones!
You have the duty to raise His kingdom
Of seedlings until they become trees.

Prune the leaves like neurons
As time presses forward
Like wine flowing through the orchards.
A Christened mind is one to behold,
To be held, as precious as sight
Given to someone who was once blind.

It must never fold to Darkness,
For the wise avoid all such things.
God’s Will is for all Mankind to find Him
And receive His Promises.

The Master Gardener
Reaps what He sows,
Loves whom He grows,
More diligently – with greater care –
Than any Creation can ever possibly know.

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