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Let Joy Prevail, Not Sorrow

Let there be joy;

Make it avail.

Let no sorrow prevail.


Though we struggle,

For we exist,

Let us be mindful and wonder,

How captivating life is.

Make radical amazement

Impossible to resist.


Do not flounder;

Instead, meander.

Slow down and breathe;

Cling to Jesus – our Center.


It is okay to lose yourself in life

For a while;

Flow is always in style.

There is a natural rhythm to things.


In every tragedy,

God makes Himself triumphant

As the comforter we have yet to realize He is.

Though the bitterness of the flawedness stings,

The LORD of Hosts blesses us with the songs that He sings.


We are all drawn to the Master Artist,

Our Creator, The Separator of Good from Evil;

We share His likeness, and our stories of Him

Testify to His otherworldly forgiveness.


Such is the Good News,

That Hope is the Victor

Even when He is not apparent.

The things that attack us

Are already dead and transparent.


Let love be our tool

That helps God rule.

May the rejoicing

Illuminate our voices

And guide our choices.


Whatever your situation,

Let this be your realization:


God is always by your side.


Call on Him and you will be surprised

By His character,

And the joy that you will find.

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